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Subject: is ther such a thing as black goths...?
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mazeemo 19.02.12 - 11:58am
th rizon i askd z coz goths main color z black en lets face t,a black dude wit black mascara...nt so ...ummm pleasant 2 luk at. *

mancmike 21.02.12 - 12:34am
Depends what u define goth as i guess *

mazeemo 21.02.12 - 09:56pm
so wat z goth then?? *

mancmike 1.03.12 - 11:36pm
Google it its easier or wikipedia be better. *

trebmooc 29.03.12 - 05:18am
It would be a tad weird. but i don't see why not. *

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